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For name sake your getting money from the job seekers,even though i didn't complete my project without project that HR saying they will train in company itself please show me which company is ready to hire mam ,y ru cheating a job seekers by this way yur preparing some list and sending the results to the candidate we are fools right, 300 its a simple money for you please dont play with the job seekers life, dont make use of money in this... Read more

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These are the bloody *** fake consultancy that i have ever seen...dont go to them...they will call you..and to attend interview..inorder to attend they needs 300 rs and conduct a bloody *** fake interview ..

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It's a fake company...cheating young youths and making 300 rs from everyone and they fail the candidate

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OMG!!! well groomed fraud consultancy they claim to be as placement service providers all ***... they have collected 1200(for fields like HR, marketing, Logistics etc) from my friends and all gone for waste... the lady poja just misusing every one... in call they speak differently and once we reach the office they speak differently. their only motive is to get 300rs and make us fail in the aptitude. please don't go to this company and spread... Read more

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I was badly in need of job when i got a call from this consultancy and they said there are lot of job vacancies in IT MNCs, i was so hopeful and happy, i paid 300 rs and attended the 2 rounds of interview. I got the result after many days that too i was reminding them about it on phone call. They told you can attend the aptitude test thrice. But nothing happened, by Gods grace i got another job in other company (Not through equator). Please... Read more

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totally fake company...there is a one girl POOJA she founded that company...studied MBA at CMRIT Bangalore....And MARUTHI..her BF..both r charging...300 rs from each person and they r telling well conduct HR round first than this way they r collecting more than 8000 rs per day from 20 to 25 person per day...and their sallery range is 8 to 9k....if u selected also they will charge half of the amount..and guys please dont give your... Read more

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company got register with mca company will provide esi pf facilities can u explain shift timing do u have really any concern about your ladies staff do following all rules n regulations abt bpo, iso certified MCA rules and regulations .... answer this all query than prove it this company was following this all.... if this all they ll not answered r ignored means its big as......le fake company ...... Md Hr all are big mother so... Read more

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Guys,please don't go in this consultancy.Simply they will take 300 Rupees by saying that they will arrange technical interview here and after three days working your result will announced.If you failed in technical interview again another two chances we will provide you to write.If all failed means registration fee will get cancelled and again you have to register by paying same amount.If you passed in technical exam you will send for to company... Read more

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Hi people....I m sharing here my worst ever painful experience with equator the time of registration they said we will give 3 attmpts to clear for the first round. And if u don't clear in 1st attempt...den again u can try for 2nd attempt within next 15 days. But wen I didn't clear interview round in 1 st attempt. I got mail( the mail ID address us not the company mail ID address like@equator Read more

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It is a fake...don't believe friends....they do everything for only the 300rs initial payment... They don't have any companies also....

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